Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Great Gatsby Glamour {Styled Shoot}

It has been a while since I have had all these ideas buzzing in my head!

It's not easy to put them into practice as it requires a lot of hard work and organization oh and time!

When Edes House contacted me to do some photos of their beautiful house to use on promotional material I didn't think twice about asking if it would be OK to set up a styled photoshoot onsite after the  promo photos had been taken.

Emma was ever  so lovely and agreed to it!!

So I then managed to get 2 beautiful dresses on Loan from Proposals Chichester to fit the style I was trying to go for, 1920's....

Through the power of facebook I found a wonderful local artist who makes the moset delicious headpieces. When I told her what plans were she was only too happy to create a one off piece just to suit our Great Gatsby idea... I was blown away when she showed me what she had created, and we named her Evelyn there and then, which as it happens, is my little girls' middle name so it was just meant to be!!

Another friend recommended a local lady who makes bespoque wedding flowers...She created a wonderful bouquet and button hole to fit the style perfectly.

I then went on to find the perfect couple to model for me!  You can't fake the chemistry in a real couple so I was determined to find one rather than just a male and female model... Nicole and Henre came to the rescue and they were perfect!

We also had the best hair and MAU artist in the land, Chelle, who managed to make Nicole look absolutely stunning (not that she wasn't before hand!)  in no time!

So after all the stress and new grey hairs, it somehow came together , even though the traffic tried to ruin it for us!

These are some of my favourite frames from the day.  I hope you enjoy!!!


Venue : Edes House
Head piece "Evelyn" : Lulalupin
Flowers : Reincarnations by Donna
Hair and MAU Artist: Chelle's Belles Beauty
Models : Nicole and Henre


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Fabulous Workshop!

Woah,  I have really abandoned the blog in favour of other important stuff but I am determined to not let it happen again (until next time that is!)

I have been a very busy bee with a few weddings and family sessions which I will blog soon.

One of the highlights of the year so far was attending a Workshop in Brimingham by the super talented Steve Gerrard.

Absolutely loved the location (Custard Factory) and the amazing couple he found to pose for us.

I came away with a long list of must haves and an incredible amount of inspiration.

Here are some of the photos I took.

The amazingly beautiful dress is from The Couture Company Designer wedding gowns, if you haven't yet please do check their beautiful gowns and accesories out... I promise you won't be dissapointed!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bumps, glorious bumps!

Pregnancy is a funny old time...

There's all the excitment, a new life, the first kicks, the first time the baby gets hiccups in your tummy... the first scan...finding out if you're having a boy or a girl, or keeping it a surprise (like we did!)... There is also all the side effects no one seems to warn you about, forget morning sickness (which by the way is not just in the mornings!) you may have heart burn, pelvic pain, swollen ankles, hands and fingers, you could also suffer with constipation, you can't sleep as it's hard to get comfy, your bed becomes the kingdom of pillows... and of course there's always the getting the size of a house... by week 30 you can't believe how big you are... and yet you do get bigger!!!

But  nothing matters the moment you have your little one in your arms... every single annoying thing about being pregnant suddenly doesnt matter.

As someone once said "Being pregnant is the best ever reason to feel like rubbish" and although I am convinced that "glow" people talked about completely bypassed me I now regret not getting pro photos done of me and my bump. If we ever have another child, it just won't be the same.. it won't be all new...

Anyway, here are some of my favourite photos from maternity sessions I have taken...

If you  fancy getting some lovely maternity photos please get in touch!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Ever wondered what to do with your dress after the wedding? Wonder no more!

It's a fact, all brides (so generalising is not cool so will say "most" brides) spend a decent amount of time trying on different dresses.

Let's be honest, you could say the whole wedding is actually about the dress... forget the actual marriage, food, family... it all comes down to that  moment when you walk down that aisle in a dress which you have fallen in love with and that not many people have seen you in before......(OK maybe I am exagerating slightly...)

So anyway,  your day comes and goes... and then the dress you loved has only been worn once... and then dry cleaned and forever forgotten in your wardrobe until maybe your daughter or daughter in law is old enough to tell you that, actually, she will pick her own dress....

Well.. there's always the  option to trash it, and take photographic evidence of that.. you know just for the lols...

This week I had the pleasure of shooting 2 beautiful ladies who got married in November. As I was about to give birth I had to sadly cancel the booking to be their wedding photographer but hope to have made up for it today.

2 brides, 2 dresses to be trashed, the beach, some paint and a lot of love.

Laura and Chrissy were amazing sports and were up for anything! We had a great time! (not sure what colour Chrissy's car seats are at the moment but it was all worth it I say!)

Also their amazing story is on this week's Pick me Up, so they are virtually celebrities!